Why use sredio

sredio is the best way to track and report your company's SR&ED eligible work.

Maintain Proper Documentation

Know that your SR&ED projects are being properly documented for SR&ED purposes throughout the year.

Minimal Culture Impact

Spend less time on SR&ED documentation & meetings and more time on product development.

Streamline your SR&ED Process

Easily export details for project reports and timesheets for SR&ED claim preparation.

How it works

sredio works by connecting to your tracking systems like Atlassian Jira and providing innovative technology for capturing SR&ED eligible work.

  • 1

    Consult our Experts

    Engage our SR&ED Experts to determine which projects are eligible.

  • 2

    Connect your Systems

    Easily connect your source-control and ticketing systems to analyze existing data.

  • 3

    Capture SR&ED Work

    Easily maintain SR&ED documentation throughout the year as the work is done.

  • 4

    SR&ED Review

    Receive expert-opinion and support for which projects are potentially eligible for SR&ED.


sredio currently supports the following features, integrations, and services.

Easy SR&ED Reports

SR&ED Project report drafts are easily generated through the SR&ED uncertainty activity tracker

Automated Timesheets

Seamless and intelligently generated timesheets for employee time-tracking requirements

Enhanced CRA Audit Defense

Highly detailed project and iteration audit logs for defending SR&ED audits

SR&ED Refund Estimation

Keep a close eye on how much SR&ED you'll be receiving at year-end

SR&ED Expert Review

Have our experts be the final set of eyes on your SR&ED claim prior to submission

Live Chat & Support

Contact our experts for SR&ED related questions and guidance

Project Management Integration

Integrate with Atlassian JIRA, Assembla, Asana, or other agile project management systems

Source-Control Integration

Connect your GitHub, BitBucket, other SCM instances to analyze your data without accessing the source code

Accounting Software Integration

Import data to your accounting system for seamless claim submission

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep using my existing SR&ED Consultant?

You can stay with your SR&ED Consultants while using sredio.

We encourage you to stay with your existing SR&ED consultants. The focus of sredio is to enables companies across Canada to effectively track, report, and automate portions of their SR&ED documentation.

What if I already have a timesheet system?

That's ok, sredio links with select timesheet systems.

For those that don't have existing timesheet systems, there are a couple options. One is to use a JIRA extension for tracking time, and sredio can be configured to recognize those hours entered. Or just use sredio!

How do I know what is SR&ED eligible?

Our SR&ED experts are available to provide SR&ED guidance.

Whether you're unsure what needs to be tracked, how to document the work, or what is even SR&ED eligible in the first place. We are here to provide expert advice and guidance as well.

How are my SR&ED Project Reports generated?

A little bit of magic in our secret sredio sauce!

By capturing technical information throughout the year, we are able to use NLP and data analysis to generate the SR&ED project reports. Before sredio, writing project reports was a painful process.

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